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Mark Will, DVM

Chief of Staff

I grew up in a rural setting in Western New York and I had multiple relatives who owned farms. These included chicken, dairy, and hog farms. I worked on these farms throughout my childhood. During my teenage years, my brother and I worked together to raise rabbits and we had between 50-80 rabbits at a time. We also always had a family dog growing up.

As I got older I knew I wanted to work with animals in a professional setting. That is when I decided I wanted to become a veterinarian. I earned a B.S. degree from Cornell University (1989) and a D.V.M. from Purdue University (1993).

My family is made up of myself, my wife Charlotte, my adult son Simon, and my high school-aged daughter Bridget. We also have two dogs, Charlie and Bella. Charlie is a mixed-breed rescue who is very loyal. He is the perfect companion for my outdoor adventures in the Adirondacks. Bella is a Shih Tzu who was a stray, her hobbies include being held, belly rubs, and sleeping in my lap. We also have two cats, Oliver and Magic.

With each patient that I see, I always want to be thorough and recommend the best possible care and treatment. I want the client to feel their needs were met and their questions answered. 

Mark Will

Glove Cities Veterinary Hospital